If you ever wonder were to find true and lasting comfort for the flesh, then I think we share the same burden. Recently there’s been a careful thought through rigorous observation of the times we live as it relates with seasons in the Spirit. I have asked myself many times over and over again questions that this physical realm doesn’t seem to fit it’s controversial answers.
In solemn response to the demands from within runs the awakening of a new discovery as to why humanity acts the way she does.

The flesh makes it’s selfish demands with so much soul scorching, spirit killing yet bodily appetizing luxuries. No doubt the next soul is about to be snatched by the forces of the dark world without proper discernment of the powers that be and the best ways to bring them under total control. What does the certificates we earned, the houses we built, the places we visited, the people we know, and all the materials we aquired become when we finally close our eyes and take our last breadth? Sincerely beloved, reality knows no better way of expressing itself rather than asking questions for solutions to be provided.

While some live flamboyant lives, some can barely have a hand full of soup to quench their hungry flesh. While some fight for a place amongst the topmost top and kill themselves over positions in this wold, some can barely find themselves a niech to calm the scorching sun. You see when you look deeper into the common factor that drives the rich, average and poor, the flesh is all there is. The flesh keeps driving hard by it’s demands until it finds it’s restful place, “the grave”.

The grave is the most peaceful and comforting place for the flesh. Until the flesh gets here it keeps striving for a better place. The dead is always satisfied and never hungry, always clothed and never naked, never needed and never in need, always humbled and never troubled, no lust, no loss, no love, no expectations, no retaliation, no emotion, no resentments, no desire to be relevant, no struggles, no hustle, no shame, no fame, no pain, no gain. The dead has no idea what it means to be insulted.
If all these culminates to what the grave offers, indeed the grave is the most comforting place for the flesh.

A careful examination of Proverbs 10:7- The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.
The wicked refers to a people that know not God, their end is the grave and this is without remedy. The righteous however have a blessed end because they encounter the grave by the spirit. This is what eradicates the sting of the venomous physical death from the path of the just. If we must bear fruit, then like the seed of grain we must first be buried so the fruit of the Spirit can have a perfect work in us.1 Corinthians 15 :31… Every believer is expected to get to that point when the deeds and desires of the flesh are laid to rest and given proper funeral rights. Matthew 16:24-26:  You see, carrying your cross as a believer is not for fun or formality. It is to face the most rigorous slaying and crucifixion of your desires, ego, pride, relevance, satisfactions, comfort, positions, ambition and all the acquisitions and deeds of your flesh as it relates to this world system. Also losing your life for the sake of the master is not a poem for poetic recitation but rather a complete preparedness to come face to face with death and still stand your grounds not minding the persecutions, tribulations, trials, disappointments, denials and betrayals. This is the welcome party for everyone who truly has been born of the Spirit. It is the radicalism instigated by the Spirit for every genuine and gallant soldier of God’s Kingdom. Stephen proved it, Paul proved it, and Peter proved it, all the fathers of faith proved it. We also must prove it and the end is glorious.

Endeavor to comfort one another with these words, “the grave is the most peaceful and comforting place for the flesh, therefore we must die daily”.

If you are yet to receive Jesus into your life, the time to act is now. Accept Him as the Lord and savior over your life.

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Mike Omigie

The voice of one igniting a generation with the fire of revival.

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